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it was a most peculiar type of night.
13 March 2010 @ 01:07 pm
Friends Only

and the sign says: long haired freaky people need not apply
it was a most peculiar type of night.
this has officially put rose mcgowan into my list of women i would go gay for.

p.s points for who can guess who the other women are! (this should be so hard :p)
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it was a most peculiar type of night.

Under the cut, I've collected all of the icon makers that I think really deserve praise because what they produce isn't just a 100x100 square that takes 20 seconds to make, they spend time and energy on their work, and you can really tell that in the outcome. Enough with the talking, bring on the pretty!

Have you hugged your favorite icon maker today?Collapse )

Hopefully this post has helped you discover new icon makers, or rekindled your love for old favorites. I'd love to see your IMAD posts, so feel free to link them to me :)
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it was a most peculiar type of night.
17 March 2006 @ 06:45 am
Because of all the dramarama floating around LJ at the moment...

Snap Cup Meme!
1) Comment with your username.

2) Go back to your own LJ. Pimp out the link to your comment like KRZY.

3) Your friends will leave comments to your comment about how amazingly great you are.

4) And then you'll go leave comments for YOUR friends about how great THEY are, and it's like a big vortex of warm and fuzzy, k?

Anon is on, IP off but these comments don't really have to be anon anyway. No bashing plz. This is a happynicefuzzyfeelings meme.

Pimp, please!
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